Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Interview With Babbarsher

New Interview with Babbarsher[does not like to reveal his/her name] With the FIDE rating 2200+

Himalaya:How old were you when you learned to play chess? and who taught you first?
Babbarsher: At around age 7 from my dad

Himalaya:Do you have any other interest rather than chess?
Babbarsher: Basketball and i hate cricket, love to watch football , tennis , basketball.

Himalaya:Who's Your top opponent?And who's you favorite player?
Babbarsher: My favourite player is Garry And top Opponent id alexander areshchenko a strong GM with rating 2671.

Himalaya:Is chess your career ?How does chesscube play a role in it?
Babbarsher: Yes I am a professional chess player Chesscube is just a Pastime.

Himalaya:What is your goal or ambition in your life?
Babbarsher: To Become An IM.

Himalaya:Have you won any real tournaments?
Babbarsher: 2010 under-25 india champion.

Himalaya:And finally,What is your Advice to begginers?
Babbarsher:Dont go after the openings, play your natural game.

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