Friday, August 24, 2012

Final_legend Interview

One Of my Best friend Final_Legend[Chesscube id. likes to remain anonymous] Who's Fide rating 2087 Joined us for a Interview.

Himalaya:How old were you when you learned to play chess? and who taught you first?
Final_Legend: My coach  Ameer PS and thejkumar Ms at d age of 11.

Himalaya:When did you start playing competitive international chess?
Final_Legend: At the age of 15 Nethaji International Open chess championship.

Himalaya:Who's Your best opponent?And who's you favorite player?
Final_Legend:  Best Opponent...Thejkumar sir indeed..Favorite player Anand nd Carlsen!

Himalaya:Did ChessCube Improve Your Game?In What Way?
Final_Legend: Chesscube has improved my game a bit mainly my opening and speed.

Himalaya: Is chess your career ?What is your ambition?
Final_Legend:  Maybe u can say ambition is to be the CEO of citi bank!

Himalaya:What is your Advice to begginers?
Final_Legend:  Practise Makes one Perfect.Take it as a Passion....Be an chess At the maximum..thats it...

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